About Katrina

Katrina has an innate sense of colour and harmony and enjoys expressing herself through art, using bold colours shapes and lines.

Katrina is both deaf and has an intellectual disability since birth and whilst she uses some signing to communicate, art has become an important way for her to communicate her thoughts, feelings and ideas to others.

She gets great joy from sharing her work with other people and seeing their reactions to what she creates.

Katrina first became interested in art many years ago when she attended a community group in the country where she was introduced to art.

Since then, she has developed a focus on painting acrylic abstracts and creating textile works.

Katrina enjoys working with a variety of techniques including acrylics, textiles, pastel painting and recently wire sculptural forms.

The inspiration for her work comes from a variety of places. Many of her acrylic works are inspired by her love of rugs. Visits to art exhibitions, art books, and learning new art techniques often inspire her to create a new series of works.

Even a visit to Kings Park recently started a new focus for her, inspiring her to create floral pastel paintings.

Her current textile works were inspired by a marine nature film in which she saw jellyfish. She then began creating woven, woollen jellyfish forms.

Katrina creates her art in a variety of places. The Community Art Room in Rockingham has been a space where Katrina has been able to pursuer her artistic ideas with other likeminded people.

She has been attending the art room for the last four years and over that time has developed her skills whilst being exposed to a variety of different art techniques, some of which she now incorporates into her work.

Katrina’s love of art brought about the opportunity for her to have private art tutoring. With her tutor she has visited many art exhibitions and discovered a range of art styles that she has taken inspiration from in her work.

Being an artist brings Katrina great joy and satisfaction. It helps her to communicate and express her feeling and thoughts with other people. Through her art she is able to connect with the world in a way that enhances her communication with those around her.

For Katrina, art has become her voice and that voice is inspiring and beautiful.

Katrina is an emerging artist who has sold works in Rockingham and throughout Perth and at just 27 years of age Katrina is inspiring many other artists with disability’s to follow their passions and dreams.

If you would like to purchase Katrina’s art or for any other inquiries you can send them through the contact form here